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*Who wouldn't want boarding with benefits for their dog? At Fly-n-Gun, we specialize in the quality care of sporting breeds. As a result, our boarding experience goes above and beyond by being tailored to a sporting dog's unique needs. Furthermore, all boarding activities are under the direct, daily observation of a pro trainer. Learn more about our boarding service thought the list of amenities below.

  • Lodging. Your dog will have a comfortable stay in his/her own spacious indoor-outdoor kennel in our climate controlled facility. Our kennel is cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. We invite you to a virtual tour of our facility and/or make an appointment to visit our facility prior to making boarding arrangements for your dog.
  • Meals. We invite you to bring your dog's food for his/her stay, especially if the stay is short. Food changes can disrupt your dog's digestive system. However, food is included as part of our boarding service. We feed performance-based dog food. If you would like us to feed your dog our food, you may want to bring some of your food for transitional purposes.
  • *Medication Accommodations. We gladly administer your dog's medications as directed.
  • Ample Exercise and Play Time. Did you know that a bird dog needs to run approximately three to five miles per day? We pride ourselves on providing optimum socialization and exercise experiences, as well as proper care when handling your dog, all of which are overseen and conducted by a pro dog trainer.
  • Bird Exposure. We will build prey drive and chase via pigeon exposure for bird dogs that board with us. Upland birds may be shot over your dog for an additional charge.
  • Training Exposure. At your request, we will include your dog in the training process of other dogs that are in for training and address general undesirable behavior as it occurs. Please know that your dog will not receive any lengthy, formal training, but will gain from the experience.

What should I bring with me when I drop of my dog for boarding? Below is a quick list of items that we would like you to bring with you when you leave your dog with us for boarding at Fly-n-Gun Kennels.

  1. *Training Agreement & Waiver of Liability Form (pdf, 152 KB). Please take the time to download, read, and complete our Training Agreement & Waiver of Liability.
  2. Current vaccination record. Be sure that your dog's vaccinations are up to date. General vaccinations, along with Canine Bordetella, are required.
  3. Medications and Food. As we stated earlier, it is not necessary to bring food. However, you may want to bring some for transitional purposes.

Please contact us at your convenience to set up future boarding appointments today.

SERVICE OFFERED: April-December.
PRICE: $30 per day or $200 per week, plus tax.


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