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*Want a better dog? We can help you.

Go with us, come to us, and be still. This is the foundation that must be established for all dogs.

  • Go with us. Your dog needs to key into you. Your dog should check in with you to see where you are and where you want him/her to go whether in the yard around the house or in the field.
  • Come to us. When you cue your dog, verbally or non-verbally, expect him/her to come to you.
  • Be still. This is necessary when you approach your dog or want your dog to stay put. You don't want your dog to jump up on you or flail about when you go to pet him/her. As far as a bird dog, this is important for later training skills such as steadying to the flush or game is down.

How do you train a dog to go with you, come to you, and be still? That's a bit complicated. However, we would be happy to show you.

We utilize the Smith family Silent Command Systemâ„¢. This system acknowledges the intelligence of our bird dogs, and utilizes the instinctive level our dogs function with. This is done without using words to start since words only confuse your dog. They don't understand English.

It is vital that our dogs see us as the leader of the "pack." After all, they are pack animals. Once we are established as the leader, we will be able to use the training system to show our dogs what to do and how to do it.

Dogs learn through choice and repetition. When taught properly, this leads to the conditioned response we desire. When teaching, it is natural to want to assist our dogs, however we do not interfere or show emotion such as anger or frustration. Our dogs can sense our feelings which may be counterproductive to the learning.

Once the conditioned response is established, we link it with the word, whistle, etc. Now, you have the beginnings of a language both you and your dog understand. And, if your dog chooses to dismiss your request, you will have additional language to endure your request is followed.

We encourage you to come out and see how we train. You will find it to be a very user-friendly, fun, and of course a humane way to train. There is no charge for a first time consultation. Please call us to make an appointment today.


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