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Training - Southbound Winter Trips

*Do you want to continue training or keep your bird dog on top of his/her game during the winter months? You may want to consider sending your dog South with us. We can offer a valuable, productive experience for your dog.

Per customer requests, we began our Southern excursions in 2014 where we made our way to training grounds located in various states, most notably Kansas, Kentucky, and Virginia. The dogs that traveled with us made great progress.

Kansas. We were fortunate to be connected with the folks at Triple H Outfitters.  Located in Lincoln, Triple H offers a wide range of outstanding hunting opportunities. However, we take advantage of their upland bird populations, specifically bobwhite quail. Triple H has numerous coveys of well-flying quail, perfect for training, January 1-31.

Kentucky. There are a few locations in Kentucky that we like to expose our training dogs to. In years past, we trained at the property of Dr. Marty Smith of Drs. Foster and Smith pet supplies company. Most recently, we've added visits to the grounds of Prestige Pointers and Stone Columns Stables, owned by Jeff and Melanie Ramey. Thank you Marty, Jeff, and Melanie for your kindness and generosity over the years. Cover diversity is just one of the many key elements needed for dogs excel in their progress. These locations in Kentucky easily provide this, as well as a wonderful home away from home.

*Virginia. Another great opportunity was offered by friends of ours who kindly welcomed us onto their Virginia ranch. Their beautiful property offered yet another type of hunt scenario for the dogs.  Again, a great deal is accomplished with all the dogs that make this trip with us. We would like to sincerely thank Richard and Marlene Sipes for their gracious hospitality.

Space is limited on these trips. Please call us at your convenience to reserve your spot today.

GENERAL TRIP LENGTH: 2-3 weeks (trips generally taken during winter months, December-March).
PRICE: $275 per week, plus tax. Includes dog training, boarding, and food.
Depending on our Southern location, upland birds may be shot over your dog for an additional charge.

Our temporary classroom in Virginia.

Reese, at about four months, getting into wild birds.

Riley, preparing to start her training session.

We were honored to meet Ed Rader. Mr. Rader, now retired from Innotek, designed the first collar that allowed trainers to deliver different levels of stimulation from a remote transmitter.


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