Wisconsin Championship Hunting Series

Dog of the Year

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Note: The Dog of the Year Award will not be given during the 2013-2014 Wisconsin Series Season.

The Wisconsin Championship Hunting Series Dog of the Year (DOY) is a special honor offered by the Series. This is an award given to the dog since dogs can enter the Series events with multiple handlers.

The Series will track points for the flushing and pointing DOY for the Amateur, Double, Puppy, and Single divisions. To qualify for the DOY and get your points tracked, using the raw score system, simply become a Wisconsin Championship Hunting Series member and attend enough regular season Challenge events to obtain six scores. Learn more about the Rules and Regulations for the DOY.

Division awards include the well-known, substantial Wisconsin Series Dog of the Year trophy, prize monies for Double and Single divisions, as well as a Thompson/Center 270 cal. with Leupold scope and case for Open division Dog of the Year Champions.

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